General Rules

- Any breed may compete within the ASDA, but let's please keep the breed/class combos realistic.
- Up to two consecutive levels per horse.
- Retired Event Horse classes are for those horses no longer competing under saddle.
- To register for an account, please PM me at SAI Farm Board with your username, stable name, stable link, password and member show option.

Member Show Rules

- The member show option is an option that allows you to opt-in or opt-out of member held shows (meaning, your horses will automatically be entered in all member held shows or will not be automatically entered in member held shows). If you'd like your horses to automatically be entered in all member held shows, please login to your account and select edit profile and update your preference.
- Members are welcome to and encouraged to hold member held events. Members are welcome to host up to 2 events per month.
- To hold a member held event, please use the entries found on the Member Show Class List and the official ASEA randomizer.

Point & Title System

Show TypeChampionReserve ChampionTop Ten
Official Event20 points20 points10 points
Member Event20 points20 points10 points
TitleTitle AcronymPoint Bracket
ChampionCh100 - 300 points
Grand ChampionGCh301 - 500 points
National ChampionNCh501 - 700 points
World ChampionWCh701 - 1000 points
Hall of FameHOF1001 - 2000 points
International Hall of FameIHOF2001 - 3000 points
Hall of LegendsHOL3001+ points