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Staff for the All-Sim Saddleseat Association can be contacted through private messaging at The Sim Community.
The ASSA council members are: Ashlee, Jenna, Mika, Noel, Tessa

Welcome to the All-Sim Saddleseat Association, or ASSA. Established in late 2008, the ASSA caters to the saddleseat discipline group in the All Sim community. The association received a new website, along with a new class list and a re-formed council, in the fall of 2016.

Saddleseat, also called Saddle Seat, is a style of horseback riding that shows off the horse’s extravagant or breed-specific movements. Movement at the trot is of particular importance in most classes. In most cases, saddleseat is an English category discipline. For our purposes, we have included some western pleasure classes as well, as these classes tend to require more extravagant movement when conducted at breed shows for the breeds seen at the ASSA. Compared to other English-type riding styles, Saddleseat riders sit much further back in the saddle and carry their hands higher. Saddleseat disciplines are quite popular in North American (particularly the USA an Canada) and in South Africa, with a smaller following in Europe and Australia.