Cajun Cross Ranch where the horse is the supreme authority.

  New Arrivals

Please help us in extending a warm welcome to these beauties! We are beyond thrilled to have them join us here at CCR.

Laodathe SWN

2018 Buckskin Akhal Teke Mare

Erasalion SWN

2020 Smoky Black Akhal Teke Stallion

Draketes SWN

2015 Buckskin Akhal Teke Stallion

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  About Us

Welcome to Cajun Cross Ranch! We've been a fixture in the sim world since 1999, but not always as Cajun Cross Ranch. We started under Southern Acres Inc and remained with that name up until 2019 when we decided we needed a fresh start. Cajun Cross Ranch is proud to offer the SIM world quality horses that excel in a number of disciplines. We love each and every one of our horses, but our pride and joy is and will forever be our pleasure horses. We've worked extremely hard to build a successful program and corner the market on pleasure horses.