Sales Contract

All horses sold by Cajun Cross Ranch are automatically placed under our buybacks policy, unless otherwise stated. This means that should you decide you no longer want to continue owning a horse that we have sold you, you must contact Tessa at The Sim Community Forum or the SAI Board and offer the horse back to me. You may not re-sell a horse without my approval, and should you choose to do so without my consent I will automatically reclaim the horse.

Showing the horse you purchased is a requirement, unless noted otherwise during the time of sale (example: broodmares). This means at least once a month, no less. I do require that homebreds (any horses carrying our Suffix or Prefix) be shown within the associations at the SAS board. Disciplines on the horses cannot change drastically. For example, I don't want to see you retrain my saddleseat horse for western pleasure. My horses were bred for specific disciplines and I don't want to see their talents wasted. You are not permitted to show them in levels that aren't appropriate for their age or overshow them. You may only retire horses from showing with my approval. More information on retiring a horse is listed later on.

Birth years of my homebrds may not be changed without permission. This is to ensure that my mares birth years don't get messed up and she isn't bred more than once in a year. However, if you choose to age your horse every couple of months or by the number of shows they enter, that is fine with me. Just let me know ahead of time so I can be aware of the situation.

Horses names may not be changed or altered in any way. They must remain as they are and be shown as they are. If a horse has carries our prefix/suffix in front of/behind it's name you may not disinclude that in your show entries. You are not pemitted to add prefixes or suffixes either. Homebreds must carry our prefix/suffix, if you are given the opportunity to name the foal please keep that in mind.

If you wish to retire a horse after a successful career, I'm more than willing to let you do so. However, if you plan to retire a horse you must ask me beforehand. If we haven't discussed the matter, the horse will not pass my next activity check and it will be reclaimed. I am a very understanding SIMmer and am happy to let you retire horses to stud/brood, just ask me ahead of time. On that note, if you wish to geld a horse I also ask that you request to do so. Some of the stallions I sell have impeccable bloodlines and really don't want to see their lines end.

Horses may not be imported into any games without prior consent. If a horse is imported, my contract must be followed in its entirety and the horse must be kept active.

Cajun Cross Ranch will be performing twice yearly activity checks on all stock that we have previously sold. These checks will be done as I have the chance and you will be reminded of them prior to them happening. Should a link be broken, show results not be updated, or other various issues, I will reclaim the horse.