GNs Herzblut

Purchased from Nessa of Nereus Riding Center
SPs Herzensbrecher Hauch von Schicksal Alabaster
Final Fantasy Finding Pleasure
Svartbäcks Eurekah k. Soulful Storm Cat
Singin' Soul
Ekbäckens Ella Anfi Bold Bounce
Kourus Zoap

  • Genotype : E/e A/A Sty/Sty
    Breeder : Gestüt Nereus
    Stable Name: "Herzi"

    ASEA - 2000 points // ASEA Hall of Fame
    ASWA - 352 points // ASWA Local Champion

  • Evaluation-scores in detail:

    Herzblut got evaluated at ASEA Evaluations :
    Conformation & Presence: 8
    Movement & Rhythym: 5
    Ability & Rideability: 5
    Breeding Suitability: 8
    Overall Impression: 7
    Total Points Awarded: 33
    APPROVED! ASEA Breeding Approval Rating ; inducted into studbook.

The Offspring

Name Age Color Breed Gender Owner
Halvar SAND 2013 Chestnut Swedish Warmblood Stallion Threstral
Coenza SAND 2014 Bay Swedish Warmblood Mare Starfire Inc

The Achievements

The Show Record

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