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    Warmblood Naming Rules

    NAMING RULES When at ever possible, I have gotten these rules directly from the Registry (Verband) for that breed. I have also gotten information from Keystone Acres & Iron Springs Farm. These breeds have no naming rules that I could find. If you do know them. Please contact me via email zenfroid @ gmail America Warmbloods ~ Cleveland Bay ~ Württemberger ~ Knabstrupper ~ Irish Sport Horses ~ Rhinelander (not RSPI) ~ Swedish Warmblood ~ Bavarian Warmblood ~ Mecklenburger Polish Arabians & Russian Arabians Foals are named using the first letter of their dam's name. Jockey Club - Thoroughbreds There are many rules for naming Thoroughbreds in the real world. You can see them here. Some of the more basic rules are. Under 18 digits (letters,spaces,punctuation). No excess of numbers, no horse related words (filly,colt, etc), no famous horse names, no famous people names (unless permission on file with Jockey Club) Also, creative spelling doesnt' allow you to get past these rules. ( Seabiscuit vs See Bisc's it) Friesian Stallion Names and Numbers – When stallions are selected for breeding and become Approved Stallions they are renamed. The owners are given a list of Friesian names that have never been used for an Approved Stallion in the past. The stallion's new registered name is selected from the list and he will henceforth be known by his new name, even if he subsequently loses his breeding approval. At the time the stallion is entered into the Studbook for Stallions he is also assigned the next consecutive Studbook number. That number becomes part of his identification, for example Hearke 254, and is not the same as his registration number. Farm Names - Some owners like to have the name of their farm follow their horses' names. If an owner wants to have the exclusive right to use a specific farm name in registering their horses, the name can be reserved by paying a fee to FHANA. However, the farm name applies only to naming horses and does not provide any other exclusive rights to the use of the name 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Brandenburger or Berlin Brandenburger Colts named patrilineally (same first letter of Sire's name) Fillies are named Matrilineally (same first letter of Dam's name) Belgian Warmblood Belgian foals are named alphabetically based on the year of birth. The initial letters “X”, “Y” and “Z” are not used. 1994 R 1995 S 1996 T 1997 U 1998 V 1999 W 2000 A 2001 B 2002 C 2003 D 2004 E 2005 F 2006 G 2007 H 2008 I 2009 J 2010 K 2011 L 2012 M 2013 N 2014 O 2015 P 2016 Q 2017 R 2018 S 2019 T 2020 U 2021 V 2022 W Danish Warmbloods Danish warmbloods are named with the first letter of the sire's registered name. Dutch Warmbloods - KWPN The KWPN naming system using designated letters each year has been in place for many years. By using letters for each year it is easier to identify when the horse was born. The letters Q, X & Y are not used. Each foal born in a given year must have a name not to exceed 20 characters or spaces and beginning with the designated letter for that year. The KWPN does not have a unique naming requirement except in the case of Approved stallions. Approved stallions must have a unique name and in some cases must be renamed. 1994 M 1995 N 1996 O 1997 P 1998 R 1999 S 2000 T 2001 U 2002 V 2003 W 2004 Z 2005 A 2006 B 2007 C 2008 D 2009 E 2010 F 2011 G 2012 H 2013 I 2014 J 2015 K 2016 L 2017 M 2018 N 2019 O 2020 P 2021 R 2022 S 2023 T 2024 U 2025 V 2026 W Gelderlander Gelderlanders use the same year designation as Dutch Warmbloods. See Above. Hanoverian Foals must use the first letter of the sire's name Holsteiner Colts must use the first letter of the sire, fillies named on year based-schedule. Use of the name or a part of the name of the sire is discouraged. Schedule for Naming of Female Offspring: (No Q or X) 1994 I or J 1995 K 1996 L 1997 M 1998 N 1999 O 2000 P 2001 R 2002 S 2003 T 2004 U 2005 V 2006 W 2007 Z 2008 A 2009 B 2010 C 2011 D 2012 E 2013 F 2014 G 2015 H 2016 I or J 2017 K 2018 L 2019 M 2020 N 2021 O 2022 P 2023 R 2024 S 2025 T 2026 U Oldenburg Foals must use the first letter of the sire's name Selle Français Foals are named on a year based-schedule. Names tend to be only one word with no numbers or initials 1994 G 1995 H 1996 I 1997 J 1998 K 1999 L 2000 M 2001 N 2002 O 2003 P 2004 Q 2005 R 2006 S 2007 T 2008 U 2009 V 2010 A 2011 B 2012 C 2013 D 2014 E 2015 F 2016 G 2017 H Trakehner All full-bred Trakehners are named with first letter of dam's name. Colt half-Trakehners are named with first letter of sire's name, fillies with the first letter of the dam's name. Westphalian Foals must use the first letter of the sire's name Zweibrücker Foals must use the first letter of the sire's name Zangershiedes While not a "registry" persey. I have rules here. Cannot contain more than sixteen characters and have the suffix "Z"
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