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Welcome to SERENDIPITY Farms Inc

We started out as a small stable in the Sim game Shanandoah in October of 2002 and have been an active member of the Sim world ever since. Now Serendipity exists only in the All-sim world and has grown to house around 150 horses.

We pride ourselves on high quality horses in a number of disciplines, especially our racing Thoroughbreds, who have been burning up the tracks since our start in Sim. Please take a look through our horses and feel free to contact Hannah M. with any questions!


All the content of this site and most sites connected to it (unless the link is part of a photo credit) are part of a Simulated horse game that I and many other 'simmers' do for a hobby. We create, breed, show and race our stables of virtual horses for a fun hobby and we do not make any money off the horses. This provides a way for many people who cannot or do not own a real horse to learn about pedigrees, breeds, showing and racing without leaving their homes. The horses on all the following pages are fake and do not exist in real life; they were 'created' by me or other simmers. There are also some horses that are the 'offspring' of other Sim horses.