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Mintly S

1998 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Mare; standing 16.3h
Competing in Eventing

Mintly S was purchased from Unknown.

About Mintly S ::
RETIRED from Sim, January 2015 This outstanding mare has long been one of our very best eventing horses, first in the now-closed Sim Eventing Association run by Latisha for many years and later in the still active All Sim Eventing Association, as well as many open shows. She has always been a top competitor, fast and game on the cross country course, composed in the dressage arena and a very good show jumper as well. She has a lot of speed, true to her pedigree which is chock full of many of the racing world's biggest names, as well as great trainability for the three eventing phases. She has produced several very successful upper level eventers over the years, as well as a few show jumpers and flat racers. We plan on using her last few years as a broodmare to produce a few foals to race, since we haven't utilized her great racing pedigree much in our breeding program.

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Progeny Records

NameAge - Color - Breed - GenderOwner
Always Minty 2002 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion Windfield Farm
Elemint SF 2003 Bay Tobiano Gypsy Vanner/Thoroughbred Mare Serendipity Farms Inc
Mint Energy SF 2004 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Stallion Golden Eagle Farm
Serendipity Clodagh 2004 Dark Bay Irish Sport Horse Mare Serendipity Farms Inc
Galaxy Mint 2005 Bay Thoroughbred Mare Serendipity Farms Inc
Dhark Mint SF 2008 Black Anglo Arabian Stallion Serendipity Farms Inc
Mint to Dream 2010 Bay Thoroughbred Mare Caughey Inc
Galal Mintality 2011 Black Anglo Arabian Mare Serendipity Farms Inc
Water Mint 2014 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion Serendipity Farms Inc