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Rose of Everest

2007 Bay Welsh B Mare; standing 13.1h
Competing in Hunters and Dressage

Rose of Everest was purchased from Serendipity Farms Inc.

About Rose of Everest ::
Rose unfortunately spent a great deal of her life sitting in someone's back pasture before we reclaimed her a few years ago, so she was never shown as much as some of our other ponies. But she still has done extremely well and has also produced a few excellent foals.
ASHA Evaluations

Conformation & Presence: 8
Movement & Rhythym: 8
Ability & Rideability: 8
Breeding Suitability: 5
Overall Impression: 6
Total Points Awarded: 35
APPROVED! Breeding Approval Rating

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Progeny Records

NameAge - Color - Breed - GenderOwner
Serendipity Dozen Roses 2010 Bay Welsh B Mare Serendipity Farms Inc