Horses Forever Draft Horses

Babes in Toyland CKS

2008 Black Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Mare
Toy Soldier x Shut in Sue
Prelim Combined Driving

Black Jack

2005 Black Brabant Stallion
Jack x Black Bess
Draft Harness

Blackmoors Cobra

2008 Black Percheron Stallion
Windermere's King Cong x Forest Grove Amys Areba
Draft Harness

Blue Angel CKS

2010 Cream Champagne Amer Cream Draft Mare
Blue Wing AES x Mary

Chance of a Lifetime CKS

2010 Black Tobiano American Drum Horse Mare
Chance Ideal Wv x American Honey
Training Lvl Combined Driving

Charming Knight CKS

2017 Buckskin Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Charming Paladin CKS x MA Miss Fancy Pants

Charming Lady

2008 Sorrel Belgian Draft Mare
Champion x Chickaboo
Draft Harness

Charming Paladin CKS

2012 Perlino Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion
The Paleface Charmer x S Sour Patch Kid
Training Lvl Dressage

CKS American Honey Girl

2012 Bay Tobiano Drum Horse Mare
RF British Ideal x American Honey

CKS American Pie

2010 Bay Tobiano Gypsy Drum Horse Mare
Austen Ideal x American Honey
Driving, Combined Driving

CKS American Sunbeam

2008 Black Sabino Gypsy Drum Horse Mare
Austen Ideal x Supreme Sunbeam

CKS Bellafire

2012 Grey Irish Draft Mare
Belfry x Touch Of Class
Training Lvl Eventing

CKS Dashing Ike

2015 Champagne American Cream Draft Stallion
Conan the Barbarian x Mary

CKS Elegant Beauty

2011 Black Gypsian Mare
Basilius x Elegant Price
Training Lvl Combined Driving

CKS Highland Joy

2014 Chestnut Irish Draft Mare
WFF Highgarden x WFF Pride and Joy
Intro Eventing

CKS Kingston

2014 Bay Sabino Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Evergreens King of the Land x KS Just for Nandi
Combined Driving

CKS Libby

2010 Grey Gypsy Vanner Mare
Libation x Snow Princess
Combined Driving

CKS Raighne

2010 red Roan Sabino Gypsy Vanner Stallion
WM Eugen x Rose Bud
Combined Driving

CKS Russian Gold

2014 Black Tovero Gypsy Vanner Mare
KS Monster by the Sea x Russian Doll
Training Lvl Combined Driving

CKS War Cry

2015 Bay Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion
MVS Silver King x Trudie
Combined Driving

Daisy Mae Jagger

2007 Black Percheron Mare
Mick Jagger x Daisy
Western Pleasure, Driving

Evergreens Captain McCreamy

2008 Champagne American Cream Draft Stallion
Evergreens Captain Jay x Evergreens Golden Cream
Carriage Driving

FAE Calico Illusion

2006 Chestnut Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Mare
Ainielis x Ginger Wynd

FAE Sinful Troubles

2006 Black Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Mare
A Gypsy's Sin x Sapphire Troubles
3rd Lvl Dressage

Flaithrí Wv

2009 Chestnut Irish Draught Stallion
Evergreens Duke x Roxanne Wv

King of Silver CKS

2017 Bay Shire Stallion
King David x SE Maid of Silver


2006 Sorrel Belgian Draft Stallion
Chief x CoCo
Draft Driving

KS Disco King

2015 Bay Sabino Gypsy Vanner Stallion
KS Dead Disco x Sinny Girl
Dressage & Driving Prospect

KS Sun Lane

2013 Bay Tovero Gypsy Vanner Mare
Citlali Tonka Tank x Golden Sun
Dressage Driving

Maverick CKS

2016 Bay Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Evergreens Mufasa x FAE Calico Illusion

Mischief Miss CKS

2013 Black Tovero Gypsy Vanner Mare
KS Monster by the Sea x The Governors Mistress
Training Lvl Combined Driving

Miss Bluebell CKS

2015 Grey Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Mare
Evergreens Mufasa x MA Miss Fancy Pants
Novice Combined Training

MVS Silver King

2007 Silver Dapple Gypsy Vanner Stallion
PYR Crown Royal x Claire
Combined Driving

Paladine CKS

2018 Buckskin Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Mare
Charming Paladin CKS x Rianna

Red Velvet CKS

2017 Strawberry Roan Gypsy Vanner Mare
CKS Raighne x FAE Calico Illusion
Dressage, Combined Driving


2006 Palomino Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Mare
Romeo x Banbhui
3rd Lvl Dressage

Rivers Dr Pepper

2009 Black Clydesdale Stallion
Donegal Dr Pepper x Eel River Scarlets Secret Ruby
Dressage lvl 2

S Falling Skies

2013 Black Gypsian Mare
S Quincy x The Bat Girl
Pleasure Driving

Wise Guy

2007 Grey Tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Lion Kings Wisdom x Malou Mare
Combined Driving